IT Assessment Services

Your IT infrastructure should yield positive, effective results. If you think that there is room for improvement, it may be time for a professional IT audit. RDE Technologies offers thorough IT assessment services throughout the Long Island area. This service identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your IT system. We will also offer suggestions that detail how your current IT system can increase efficiency and return on investment.


What Our Audit Covers


Our expert team assesses your entire IT infrastructure during our review.

Cost-Reduction Methods

Wasted spend can hold your company back. We take a look at how your entire IT infrastructure and explore any avenues that could save you money. From unproductive programs to ineffective employees, our IT assessment services will help prevent wasted spend.

Risk Assessment

Network security flaws can jeopardize a company. Hackers can steal important data or cripple operations through your network. Our IT security audit ensures that your system is safe from such attacks. The information that we find will shed light on any vulnerabilities, helping you improve your business and accelerate growth.

And More

Our IT assessment services for the Long Island area cover the following:


• Data Storage
• Server Infrastructure
• Network Infrastructure
• Carrier Services
• Cloud Services
• Business Services/Applications
• Business Continuity
• Network Security


An IT assessment can expose many issues that may be holding your business back. To schedule an appointment, please give us a call or fill out our contact form today.

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