Data Backup Services

The loss of important data can result in significant down time and lost revenue—and starting over from scratch can cripple many companies. RDE Technologies gives clients in the Long Island area peace of mind with trusted managed backup services. These services consist of both on-site and off-site data backups. In the event of a disaster, you will be able to easily recover your data.


Onsite and Offsite Data Backup


If your business requires an on-site data backup, RDE Technologies can help. Our on-site data backup solutions are ideal for any business with an on-site storage device. You will have immediate access to the stored data; no Internet connection is required. However, units are susceptible to physical damage and theft.


With an off-site data backup, you can simply access data from the Internet or through FTP. Even if a catastrophic event occurs at your physical location, your data will still be preserved. You can also access the backup data at any one of your physical locations. However, during routine maintenance to the off-site servers, you may not have access to your data.


At RDE Technologies, we offer both on-site and off-site data backups. Choose the best option that meets your needs.


Our managed backup services include:


• Colocation Disaster Recovery
• Data Retrieval
• Offsite Replication


Do not get caught without a reliable managed backup service—ensure your company’s data is safe and secure. To learn more about our managed backup services, please give us a call or fill out our contact form today.

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